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The Ultimate in Office Chairs

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[VX2000 Sr. Executive]
VX2000 Sr. Executive
All 100% Leather

[CR1 Jr. Executive]
CR1 Jr. Executive
Leather Face

[GT7 Ladies Executive]
GT7 Ladies Executive
Leather Face

[Hammer All Leather]
Hammer Exec. Sport Seat
F1/Indy logo - All Leather

Designed by Orthopedic and Ergonomic Specialists. Seat backs shaped to match the natural curve of your spine. Seat cushions designed to provide maximum support to your legs and thighs, reducing stress and strain that can lead to fatigue and lower back pain. The heavy density extra firm foam is deeply contoured to mold to our body and provide the best possible support.
[Hammer Leather Face]
Hammer Exec. Sport Seat
Embroidered Headrest
Leather Face

Seat Adjuster


Totally adjustable: Gas assist height adjustment, infinitely adjustable reclining backrest and height adjustable headrest.

[TRS All Leather]
All 100% Leather


Quality construction, powder coated frame. Wide armrests ergonomically correct. Designed and made in Italy. All leather work on these seats is hand-crafted using the finest leather imported from especially for this application.

[Hammer Black Cloth]
 Black Cloth

Custom Logo Embroidering and Embossing

Embroidering Closeup

Embossing Closeup

Embroidering Closeup

Imagine your corporate logo embossed or embroidered

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